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Sailing Improves Leadership Skill and Teamwork Skill

The important lessons of leadership can pop up anytime and in all phases of life but while skippering a yacht one gets the sight of the deep end.

There are so many things one has to lookout while skippering, the weather condition, waves and wind to contend, there is a crew to persuade and motivate and keep them safe, there are navigation to be followed and worked out and top of that, there is also an expensive boat to be maintained. All these require a strong leadership.

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The Prada Cup Launched In Monaca By America Cup

After waiting for such a long time, the America cup has finally unveiled the Prada Cup under its brand and banner. The unveiling event which was held at Yacht Club de Monaco was attended by around 200 guests from America’s cup. The trophy which was made by an Australian world-class designer Marc New son was unveiled by Partizio Bertilli who is the Chairman of Lunna Rossa Challenge and also holds the post of CEO of the Prada Group. The trophy is made of silver material and is expected to be a piece of art which is all set to be a unique trophy inthe sailing world.

With the unveiling of the trophy, the Prada Cup is scheduled to begin in January2021 in Auckland and this tournament will be a round-robin tournament in which the Challenger team will be facing the Defender alias Emirates Team of New Zealand, in order to become victorious in the quest of oldest trophy of America’s Cup.

The teams will get the first chance to show cause their talent by riding amazing boat son the venue of America’s  World Cup  Series event which is about to take place in October 2019 in Cagliari, Sardinia and the spectators are very excited for the tournament as it is going to be very thrilling and nail-biting.

To make sure that the tournament attracts spectators from other regions as well,the Circle-O has been appointed as the broadcaster of the tournament which will ensure that cutting-edge technology is used in the broadcasting and they are supposed to come up with a lot of innovative ideas. The Circle-O have also broadcasted some of the major events of Formula One racing, German Racing Cars,and the Red Bull Air Racing tournament and its team also include some of America’s Cup broadcasting experts. In a nutshell, the tournament is going to be the best tournament in all terms till date.

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Team Building Is The Copy Of 1607 Sailing Ship

A goal list posted at the Commercial Street 19th-century freight shed has two items concerning pinnace Virginia replica construction in Maine in 1607. For Dec 22, at the top is the completion of the small sailing ship’s hull planking and deck framing.

Many spaces at the bottom, for 2020 June 7: launch day. “This means that the ship will float at that point; thought it will not be ready to sail 100 percent, but it will be most of the way,” said  vice president of Maine’s First Ship Jeremy Blaiklock, during an interview on July 7 at the freight shed. The hull is complete nearly 75 percent.

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Team Brunel was able to get one over their rivals Team MAPFRE on Tuesday, according to reports. Peter Burling played a crucial role for Brunel, with their tactical late night sailing helping them over their close rival. This just confirms that the Volvo Ocean Race is a different ball game entirely.


Burling and MAPFRE’s Blair Tuke are teammates in Americas Cup and Olympic sailing but they are on the fronts of completely different teams in the VOC and this was obvious on Tuesday. Burling said both teams battled late into Tuesday nightas they sought for an advantage over the other.

They were both coming up on the doldrums as they sailed closer to the equator from Hong Kong to Auckland. The aim was to get positional advantage as they sail through the ‘dangerous’ area revered for slow sailing. Performance in this part of the race had an impact on the final result, so it was crucial for the teams.

Burling said Brunel was stuck a boat behind MAPFRE who didn’t want to let them go over the top. He revealed that they battled for about half an hour but then they managed to do so at the end.

As at lunchtime on Wednesday, Brunel wasin third place, behind Sun Hung Kai/Scallywagand AzkoNobel. They were barely two kilometres ahead of Dongfeng and MAPFRE who were chasing hotly from behind. Team Turn on the Tide was way back in the fleet, about 135km behind the fleet lead.

AzkoNobel skipper Chris Nicholson maintained that despite their lead a lot could happen before the fleet reach Auckland. They were a few days out from reaching the doldrums, with the effects expected north of the equator. For now Kiwis Brad Ferrand and Justin Ferris, also team members of AzkoNobel are 22km ahead of the pack.

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Lucky Student Gets To Name A New Yacht And Sail It

A LUCKY student was taken to the water in a yacht after winning a competition “naming the vessel.”

The winners of the completion were Hayden Jennings, from Ramsey’s two Village Primary School entered in the competition Essex outdoors for pupils to name three Dufour Drakkar yachts.

The five year old student Hayden won the competition, he named a seven-meter day boats “The Merryweather.”

There were two more students present who secured the second and the third position. The students were from St Francis Catholic Primary School of Maldon. The named the two different boats “Osea Pearl” and “Seas the Day”.

Now, the students who have won the competition will be invited in the naming ceremony with their teachers along with five classmates. Here, they will spend some time on the yacht unveiling and an activity session. Here, they will also get an opportunity to participate in the high ropes and the climbing activities on the boat. (more…)

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Rush Sailing Club Is Creating History

At the Ballyholme Yacht Club there was a cascade of results. At the Irish Youth Sailing Pathway Nationals 208 -sailor and 190-boat was there and no one has the clue who will finish at what position.

In the event everything was spectacular in addition to the outstanding runaway win of Cork’s Justin Lucas and Optimists Tralee. Another great happening of the event was Fingal eight mile coastline stretch dominated what can be called the Laser Radials, premier class.

In terms of youth sailing, this was the game of Grownups’. At the end of the match, Hawth’s Ewan McMahon finished first, yet in the initial stages the leader  of the championship was Rush’s Aaron Rodgers. After that he had ups and downs, however the rush of rush men as Conor Quinn was seen in the final race. (more…)

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Winners Of 2017 F18 Australian Championships

The racing took place on 30th January with the remaining 2 races to be scheduled.

The leaders of the race Daniel and Nathan Van Kerckhof were clinging on to a 4 point lead on the Windrush team of Lachlan Gibson and Brett Burvill. The Van Kerckhof brothers completed 2nd by Brett Burvill in the previous year in a series. Therefore, they were determined to defeat them this year. Before the race, Daniel was seen on the shore with a swollen foot and taking painkillers due to a broken foot. Despite of that, he did not give up jumping on the boat and successfully finished off the regatta.

In the race 11, the brothers fought well and scored 2nd position. This was a reason enough to compel the Van Kerckhof brothers to achieve victory in 2017 F18 Australian Championships. In the race 12, the series was finished off by Burvill with a bullet which was followed by Van Kerckhof brothers. They stood in the first portion and made their team and fan followers proud. (more…)

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Sailing Events At Miami Regatta

The World Cup Series Miami has been one of the major tournaments of sailing to have started off in the New Year. It is the part of the World Cup series to be held this year with the first stage being hosted in the Biscayne Bay area of Miami.

The event continued for several days and after the first initial four days the focus turned on the Medal Race. There were a total of ten events planned which were concluded on 29th January 2017.

By January 28th events like Laser Radial, Laser, men’s and women’s 470 and Finn categories were concluded. The opening series were concluded before the other events were staged in their final rounds such as Nacra 17, 49erFX, RS:X, 49er and others in the men’s and women’s categories, allowing competitors to take up’s offer of a week’s free Greece Yacht Charter. (more…)

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Fisher Wins Alton’s RS Vareo Race

The RS Vareo Grand Prix was held from the 3rd September to 4th September 2016 by the Alton Water Sailing Club. There were four races held on Day one.

The RS Valero event in the club regatta made held with spate starts and the teams’ good use of the lake. The winds were light during the start of the race and offered shifts and gusts during the course of the race.

Luke Fisher got to a great start and went ahead of the fleet in the first leg, thanks to the left shift. Nick Crickmore and Mark Smith battled for the 2nd position and finally Nick got to the end of the race in the 2nd position. Nick captured the lead during race 2, but Luke had a good run and caught up with him on the last run to register his 2nd race victory – a testament to all his practice on the Scotland bareboat charters over the summer. (more…)

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America Enters Extreme Sailing

In the Extreme Sailing Series there are seven international teams that are competing.

A wild card entry has come in to represent America known as Vega Racing. This team would be competing in the Act 6 of the series taking part in the Madeira Islands. The fleet will come in with GC32s which work on the hydro foiling technique. The team would debut between the days 22nd to 25th September on the waters of these Portuguese islands.

Vega Racing comes in with Brad Funk as the skipper and team principal. The team would be taking part of the first two acts in this race. Funk is known to be an accomplished sailor who has been part of the US Sailing team from the age of 17. He has represented his country in 49er class as well as in the Laser class. This kind of background definitely will help him line up against the best of the sailing teams in one week. He feels that being able to be part of the Extreme Sailing Series is akin to having one’s dream come true. The goal of the team is to be able to develop their skills which can help them perform in 2017 and bring on board a team of Americans. (more…)

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Sailors Compete in Lipton Cup Regatta

Sailors belonging to different age groups took part in the 30th Lipton Cup Regatta which was held at Squantum Yacht Club on the 2nd week of July this month.

The City of Quincy was the best place to be for all sailors as the competition took place on 9th July where in more than 100 sailors competed in the fabulous competition of sailing. The weather of Quincy was great as the winds were brisk that made several boats to finish many races in 2 days. The last boats that came in Sunday late afternoon had made all others complete a minimum of 5 races and in some cases there were around 7 to 8 finished races. (more…)

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Prince Haakon replied to all the criticism after luxury yacht holiday

Crown Prince Haakon has shared his opinion following all the public criticism he attracted because of a holiday recently which saw the Prince and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, his wife, relished their time abroad on the superyacht Mia-Elise.

Well, it actually cost two million Norwegian Krone, or around £158000 a week to rent.
On Tuesday, while speaking out for his eleven-year-old daughter Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s scout tour, Crown Prince Haakon defended all his actions and stated that he would not have done anything in a different way.
Prince Haakon reportedly stated that he has seen that there has been a whole lot of interest around this. For them, it was an invite one of their close buddies. They were visiting for a few days. There has been a lot of speculation regarding the whole thing. It was as simple as that. He added that he does not think that he has any special interests in Norway at all.
This holiday garnered a huge deal of debate in Norway because of the yacht’s great fuel consumption that some people believe is contradictory with the pair’s focus on environmental related problems. In fact, their failure to expose who paid for the luxurious trip was also met with some issues.


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