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May 16, 2017 / by index / Yachts / No Comments

Rush Sailing Club Is Creating History

At the Ballyholme Yacht Club there was a cascade of results. At the Irish Youth Sailing Pathway Nationals 208 -sailor and 190-boat was there and no one has the clue who will finish at what position.

In the event everything was spectacular in addition to the outstanding runaway win of Cork’s Justin Lucas and Optimists Tralee. Another great happening of the event was Fingal eight mile coastline stretch dominated what can be called the Laser Radials, premier class.

In terms of youth sailing, this was the game of Grownups’. At the end of the match, Hawth’s Ewan McMahon finished first, yet in the initial stages the leader  of the championship was Rush’s Aaron Rodgers. After that he had ups and downs, however the rush of rush men as Conor Quinn was seen in the final race. (more…)

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