19 comments on “JEANNEAU 57 Luxury sail Yacht”

  1. Ian Massini says:

    WOW !!

  2. ctoller says:

    This boat is amazing … And yes, because the same feeling you had in mortals who love boats.

  3. malanga13 says:

    I’ve owned over 10 big boats including 2 sailboats in the last 50 years starting at age 8; and I truly tell you that when I saw this boat for the first time, and then went inside, it was love at first sight. I watch YouTube videos of this boat every day. While I can’t afford it now, just looking at it, and daydreaming, has made huge positive changes in my life. It brings a smile to my face every single time I watch it. I hope it has had same effect on others, specially the owners :)!

  4. ctoller says:


  5. ctoller says:


  6. Ian Corsair says:

    Thank you.

  7. Ian Corsair says:

    Thank you.

  8. ctoller says:

    The name of the music is Luna by Alessandro Safina.

  9. ctoller says:

    The name of the music is Luna by Alessandro Safina.

  10. Ian Corsair says:

    Do you know the name of music playing?

  11. qteckk qteckkkk says:

    me too!

  12. cbltoller says:

    I agree with you… So… Let`s enjoy the next dream to realize!

  13. ctoller says:

    We have the same dream… A wonderful jeanneau 57.

  14. Anduril61 says:

    Very Beautiful Sail Yatch 🙂 I saw this at marina yesterday and it looks great :) i wish i have had one 🙂 its my dream 😀 Also sail system was great. You can control both sails from both sides 🙂

  15. ctoller says:

    You’re great! Monossilabic, but great… Thanx dear…

  16. Øystein Nordby says:

    Luna – Only you 😉

  17. Øystein Nordby says:

    I’ll do 😛

  18. ctoller says:

    I also to try figure out… If you to discover, tell me please… 😉

  19. Øystein Nordby says:

    Name of song?

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