18 comments on “World’s Largest Sloop Sailboat”

  1. Zen Kitteh says:

    Sailboats and tables of fine china dinnerware don’t mix. Frankly I feel sorry for any servants they have on board due to all the crap they have to do just to prep for a sail.

  2. MegaDerek2011 says:

    i bet that boat is about I FUCKING LARGE ANOUNT OF MONEY

  3. lawgarabis says:

    Did it even list the length?

  4. stevecgallant says:

    This boat is in Charleston, SC right now.

  5. Daniel Christow says:

    The jib is as big as the mainsail..
    And why dont they let out the sails a bit?
    At that point of sail they would get more speed and stability by just letting em out..

  6. Daniel Christow says:

    Its a 8 foot model boat in a small pond 😀
    Why do you think you see no people!
    Im just kidding, but if that were true i would be stunned.

  7. Nick Griffin says:


  8. Peter Powers says:

    40 degrees would be an extreme level of heeling (tilting) and I doubt they would ever push this boat that hard. Probably the most you’ll see on this boat is 15 to 20 degrees and if they run off of the wind there isn’t any heeling. Also, sailboats are designed to heel so sleeping, lounging etc is not an issue. Compared to my Catalina 25 this yacht is complete luxury and when you sail you get used to heeling.

  9. lerlo says:

    How would one dine, drink, lounge and sleep when the boat is tilted like 40 degrees?? I mean you can, but……quite uncomfortably…I think

  10. LTDreams says:

    Don´t mean to be a dick but Bermudian is spelled with an i

  11. Kevysmom04 says:

    Now THAT is pure Beauty!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Edward m says:


  13. MrMaxiy says:

    now that is class!

  14. Catfishstudios says:

    Sloop says I

  15. piercedsquid says:

    to settle the dispute, let’s look at the position of the mast. for a cutter, it’s further aft than for a sloop. it looks to me like a cutter, but i’ve never seen more than pics of cutters, and don’t have enough experience with any sailboats to offer any real expertise.

  16. iainbrookes says:

    Its a bermudan sloop with twin headsails. Not a cutter.

  17. timohan100 says:

    Not sure who titled this video, but it is not a sloop. It us cutter rigged. Amazing none the less.

  18. cavemanapps says:

    its probably a 20m boat. lol

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