8 comments on “SOLD – 82 Burger 1965 Motoryacht for sale BANK REPO, BANK OWNED -1 World Yachts”

  1. 1 World Yachts says:

    Absolutely, there are a ton of deals out there, but everyones idea of a deal is different. Obviously, those who saw your friends Broward before he saw it, didn’t think that boat was a deal. I have personally shown boats to people who bought something else and get shocked that the first boat was ever sold.

  2. Jack Gore says:

    These boats are readily available, last year a friend bought a 1988 103′ Broward for $300,000 He has spent 150K on it and it looks and rubs

  3. 1 World Yachts says:

    We’ll never know, its been sold!

  4. Jack Gore says:

    I wonder what the scrap value is, the bank might be better off.

  5. 1 World Yachts says:

    Yes its repairable and able to get back into sea worthy condition. But, at the end of the day, you’ll still have a 1965 MotorYacht which will great to own, but hard to sell.

  6. Pax Americana says:

    Is it salvageable after falling into disrepair? What is a legitimate refit budget to make sea worthy? Both engines rebuilt, hull repairs? Aluminum, correct? Cosmetics can come later. Have seen this one on Yachtworld for some time…

  7. 1 World Yachts says:

    Somebody bought it, put a mortgage on it and couldn’t pay.

  8. Ryan roy says:

    how is a 51-year old boat a repo?

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