25 comments on “Oceanco mega yacht 88,50 m NIRVANA for sale – Exclusive official video –”

  1. jakobolsson13 says:

    It’s 230, 000, 000$

  2. AndroidGameReporter says:

    I’m thinking about buying it

  3. Keith Steward says:

    I just happened upon this video and it is the slickest production video I ever seen, about any product. I show this to everyone. I am going to keep an eye out for the next one.

  4. Max Alexandre says:

    O Amigo esta belezinha custa, em Real R$ 687.040.000. milhões + R$ 200.000 mil com manutenção ao ano.

  5. Cristiano Ronaldo says:

    300 million

  6. Guy Stone says:

    how much is this boat?

  7. TheLemmiwink5 says:

    i would have sex with this yacht. thats how beautiful it is.

  8. wpd801 says:

    Saw this ship in St. Martin 05/10/13. All i can say is wow! What a beautiful boat. Priced at $296,000,000 I guess you get what you pay for! How nice it must be.

  9. gogor grace says:

    there is my dad,mr chen from BALI sculpture at 3:41 4:05 on elevator Wohoooo hahaha sorry i’m very excited 😉

  10. kevin108309 says:

    I wish I could afford that…

  11. Carlos de Castro Osorio says:

    Soberb!!! The video is very, very well done!!! Congratulations!!! The Yacht??? No comments at all!!!! Very Good Taste! Saravá as we say in Brasil…!

  12. Luxury Vision Production says:

    Hi Richard,
    Thank you for your nice comment. I appreciate a lot.
    Hope you will enjoy the next one.
    Best – Wil -CEO LVP.

  13. Richard Getz says:

    First impression starting the video. This is the first “Luxury” yacht that actually has a luxury video to go with it.

  14. kayabeach says:

    get that stupid vision shit off the screen so u can enjoy it mor, this yacht is just the most beautifull thing iv ever seen, has to be a billion dollars or close, ITS FUNNY HOW ONE CAN BE SO RICH AND HAVE ANYTHING THEIR HEART DESIRES, AND OTHERS ARE JUST TRYING TO SAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO GO TO THE DOCTOR! ROGER EMERSON

  15. Luxury Vision Production says:

    Not yet Leandro. PM me if you want.
    Wil – CEO LVP

  16. leandro antonio Cimino says:

    Pergunta: Já foi vendido?

  17. Puzzoozoo says:

    Very elegant and nice looked boat. Can’t help but wonder thou does the blonde lady come with it or is she an optional extra. ;)

  18. Felipe Rodrigues says:

    Simplismente maravihoso,algo alem da imaginaçao assisto todos os dias,me transporto para outra dimensao.ainda mais com essa musica.sou brasileiro e nao desisto nunca.ainda terei o prazer de passar o reveillon nessa obra prima.nao sei se ha possibilidade,mas se houver;como faço pra contrata-la para uma temporada em alto mar?me despeço comprimentando pelo video.fiquem com DEUS.

  19. Vlad Mihai says:

    Just you wait for the next one! 😀

  20. Ian M says:

    omg! this is beautiful!!

  21. Maximiliano Henrique says:

    Lindissimo,perfeito,sem palavras para descrever…

  22. Nemanja Zivanovic says:

    Simply perfect, beautiful. How much $ ?

  23. gabbi518 says:

    If I had the money…One of the best boat video’s ive seen!!!

  24. Herbert Briggs says:

    “OMG, I’m not worthy”. Truly a palace on the ocean.

  25. TheWerwelpe says:

    she is offered for € 230 million and add around 10% per year to cover running costs

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