9 comments on “Luxury Sailing Yacht Salperton by Fitzroy and Dubois Yachts”

  1. doid1337 says:

    “tips over” FUCK

  2. FVMACHINES says:

    Beautiful video!

  3. julianbradder says:

    What a stunning yacht! Very impressive.

  4. mikael1991 says:

    this is my dream.. one day

  5. slickson2 says:

    lovely ,how much to rent ? lol

  6. sheeplvl1 says:

    Thx~ on both comment~

  7. sheeplvl1 says:

    Price Tag?

  8. LiveYachting says:

    Hi Nick, Yeah, she’s a beauty all right – a testament to Fitzroy, for sure!

  9. rotornaki says:

    Awesome vid. Looks great still.
    Nick, Fitzroy Yachts

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