4 comments on “Docking a 57′ Sailing Yacht singel handed By: Ian Van Tuyl at IVT Yacht Sales in California”

  1. Troy Weatherup says:

    i dont understand people who think u need to back up all that way to your berth, can you not just cruise down the marina bow first when i pass your berth flick in reverse left hand down and bang your in

  2. manfred serafin says:

    no wind, no moorings going criss-cross on your approach path and a bow thruster…
    my 4 year old could do that…

  3. Kaarin Brown says:

    Bow thrusters help every Capt. look good! Still a good job.

  4. TheShorterboy says:

    dude you have a bow thruster, bozo the clown can dock with that

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