25 comments on “Multi Million Dollar Super Yachts !”

  1. bper5310 says:

    150′ yacht will have a full time crew of 12-14, plus a management land based management team of 3-5, will put an additional $5 and 10 million into the economy EACH YEAR in operating expenses, plus an estimated $2-5 million in related expenditures yearly. And every year people like you will be doing an annual service, and every 3-5 years another $5m in updates will be spent. Yes, they’re expensive, but a LOT of ‘normal’ people make a good living building, crewing, and servicing these yachts.

  2. MrMeanderthal says:

    you are aware people build these yachts? I’m building a 150 footer right now.. 40+ guys for a full two years and that doesn’t include all the people involved in producing the bits and pieces like motors, electronics etc.. it’s amazing how you ‘rich haters’ assume these luxuries just magically appear out of thin air and into the hands of the ‘greedy rich’.. it just shows you are an ignorant fool..

  3. HaloHamstur says:

    Rich people

  4. wazup3333 says:

    how do you park it

  5. wazup3333 says:

    who buys a 30million dollar yacht

  6. TheHiphopisdream says:

    They are designs of boats

  7. 25411959 says:

    What a beautifully opulent video/audio!! I really enjoyed it-thanks for uploading!

  8. puffrooster says:

    why do all these luxury yacht videos’ have early eighties porn music, the owners can’t be all porno producers!?

  9. sigio92speed says:

    whats the boat at 0:12 ??

  10. sigio92speed says:

    whats the boat at 0:12 ??

  11. sigio92speed says:

    whats the boat at 0:12 ??

  12. whiskymarko says:

    i think it ois designed by norman foster try to google it

  13. DarkCraZZyy says:

    La Dolce Vita

  14. chr1st1an20061 says:

    this shows how strong the drug trade is these days !

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  16. rumpwrestler says:

    I’ve got one just like that!

  17. minimite312 says:

    whats the name of this song?

  18. freeze427 says:


  19. 25411959 says:

    I absolutely LOVE this video!!!

  20. 25411959 says:

    I LLLOOOVVVEEE this video!!!!!

  21. goldragons says:

    Stunning dreamachines CybermanF1. Thanks 4 sharing. 😀

  22. sc00terMiTcH567 says:

    0:37 id hate to run into the water if that boat can park there! it would be deep

  23. bill till says:

    the 18 year old ones sit on my face and the 20 year old one suck my dick

  24. calamagrostis88 says:

    The guys who trashed our economy are facing such terrible hardship. Of course we will first need to cut education, health care, pensions, libraries, parks, etc. But the rich will suffer because they will not get the second yacht or the fifth mansion and they might have to sell off their private island.

  25. WhiteKnightDubstep says:

    what job do you have to do to get these boats

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