12 comments on “Montebello 12.5m Sail Catamaran”

  1. Ant Kovac says:

    As Mentioned below…please contact me on 0438 381 638 at Ensign Ship Brokers Mooloolaba on 0438 381 638 or (07) 5444 3055 for more information or to arrange an inspection!
    Ant BE Eng Nav Arch

  2. Lucie Robidoux says:

    This Vessel is now for sale by the Vendor…please contact Ant at Ensign Ship Brokers on 0438 381 638 for more information.

  3. Helen Bell says:

    They are not in business anymore…

  4. MrPorterhouse says:

    How much?

  5. JannaJanna H says:

    Just testing – getting malefuction here…

  6. bradwa09 says:

    I’m an executive and an offshore sailor. You guys have got to be completely out of touch. You upload a video of your new yacht. That is comparable to a new product launch press release. Obviously, you must be clueless with regard to strategic planning, promotion, and sales strategy. You have no website for two and half years – it’s still under construction? You must be joking. Your video has been seen over 17,500 times. Do you have any idea how many sales leads you’ve lost? How’s your business?

  7. MrBOB39 says:

    Your website is still being built…after a Year ?
    Poor planning guys..
    Is not like your boat cost $10 you know

  8. MrBOB39 says:

    apparently.. they are still working on their website (for 2 years now )

  9. BRYAN A. Miller says:

    i like it!!!!

  10. FantasticBob7000 says:

    I’ll have one please.

  11. WeLoveAlexJones says:

    I want one NOWWWWWWWWWW!!! LOL

  12. FazerAddict says:

    wow I Love it.

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