25 comments on “Monaco’s Mega Yachts”

  1. Clismo ambient says:

    We loved Monaco ,, was there about 2 years ago, A beautiful place Peace!

  2. Jon Zak says:


  3. TheRodonculous says:

    “only a few” lol

  4. pwnassvideos says:


  5. 09809709879876678698 says:

    hey stay away from my boats

  6. rapper dapper says:

    well i have been there :D XD !!!

  7. oRomanieMaiBuna says:

    Watch out!many gypsy romanian maffiots travel to Monaco..Mihaela Radulescu, a gypsy tramp from Romania who live in Monaco. Monaco is full of Romanians (known as the Gypsies).Everywhere,in Nice,Monte Carlo,Paris,Monaco there are filthy Romanians..Most of them are beggars, thieves, killers.Romanian women are prostitutes.Romanians steal expensive cars.
    If you live in Western Europe, protect your car from theft, because millions of Romanians are out there, looking for luxury cars.
    i hate Romanians

  8. thehonesttruth100 says:

    Other marinas along the coast are better , with bigger yachts , in Cannes I think . Also Puerto Banus

  9. riddlepro1 says:

    Do give me a ride on the yacht? I would like to round the world.
    Address: Wang rim one room 3floor, 256Wangnim-ri Bongdam-eup Hwaseong-si “Gyeonggi-do SOUTH KOREA
    my name is KIM DONG SU

  10. fdudge says:

    Hey, that;s my boat!!!
    1:05 called Awsome

  11. betamaniac11 says:

    I see that everyday ahah you dont even pay attention anymore…

  12. adenis111 says:


  13. colinboesch says:

    did u see any azimuts

  14. Frosty Cupcake says:

    Different but great, nice video Tim

  15. bloodangel gomez says:

    fuxkk your camera is sick

  16. twztd28 says:

    I figured it was something in that price range. Hahaha

  17. elalegre11 says:

    similar to Punta del Este in summer

  18. alexjxcx says:

    pffft they’re the size of my lifeboat =, my boats the size of Moldova, no big deal though

  19. ftldrdl says:

    they call Fort Lauderdale the Venice of America. i used to have a few videos posted here too. but they were not getting any views so i took them down. we have a huge festival every November here. but as far as yachts are concerned we should also be known as the Monaco of America.

  20. Howard Poon says:

    I thought you life in monaco.,.beacuse of all the beautiful cars u took. I love to visit monaco one day =D

  21. RogueNL says:

    Lionheart and Lady Moura (?) looked the most gorgeous….god damn!

  22. saavaa says:

    What do you do for a living, cause you’re always on road trips of some sort…

  23. Justin Wang says:

    it totally looks like something from starwars

  24. edtri19 says:

    First time i have noticed. It must be an added bonus doing what you love and getting paid

  25. TheUSPH says:

    WOW from expensive cars to expensive yachts. i wish there’s a magic portal from new york to Europe LOL. nice vids..keep it up

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