3 comments on “Boat Companion- Choosing the right boat (Sailing Yachts)”

  1. Scott H. says:

    Good information thanks for sharing YOUR knowledge.

  2. nathanhewitt2006 says:

    If you have a specific twin keel design that produces performance better than a fin keel, I would be interested to hear about it. It would be the exception rather tban the norm. In general, traditional twin keels do not perform as well as fin due to increased drag and reduced grip. This results in more weatherhelm and reduced windward performance. Their advantages lie elsewhere in the ability to dry out and to access shallower water.

    Keep the comments coming.

  3. Duane Harnes says:

    I believe the info on the twin keel is out-dated and should be re-investigated. I have been doing research hear and the advantages are significant, including improved performance, not reduced as indicated in this video.

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