11 comments on “55′ Classic Sailing Yacht “Pasha””

  1. mikemer79 says:

    he is a troll, in usa we call him illigal immigrant. Please tell me how much gone cost this kind of boat?? thank you sir

  2. LiveCheapAndProsper says:

    Stunning yacht, perfect music. Not surprised it sold within 2 weeks.

  3. kain91939 says:

    this is the kind of vessel i’m looking for when i retire in the next 3 to 4 yearys.

  4. john johnson says:

    What could be more fun than sailing from country to country. YOu could stay off the coast and when bad weather hit you could sail in to any port. It would have to be a gas. You could North to South based on the weather. It would have to be the most fun anyone could have.

  5. john johnson says:

    I know the guy and his cousin. I told him he should have sold it for a lot more. He got pissed and said fuck you.

  6. JLXPRO says:

    $55,000, Where are you getting that number? I put the listing together.

  7. john johnson says:

    He sold it for $55,000. I thought it was too low. But he thought they sold for $1 a foot, but I told him that is for yachts that need work. I told him he could get $3 a foot at least.

  8. JLXPRO says:

    The guy spent his life doing the interior by hand, by himself. I think he did a pretty good job. This boat sold within 2 weeks of this video being created. 🙂

  9. JimAndTrish OnFalconVII says:

    At 2:10 notice the sloppy hardware installation. That locker door retainer should have it’s small side mounted lower and let in to the bead moulding around the frame. Only a couple of millimeters of metal to metal contact! The two halves are meant to form a complete circle. Also, there’s a complete mis-match in finishes between the pull and the retainer…bright vs brushed, not to mention the cheesy robertson screws instead of traditional slot which are, by the way, one size too big.

  10. Arrigo Garipoli says:

    Sweet??……fantastic beatufull dream …this is the cooment of the 1st frame , there is no room for the rest

  11. Trysh Acree says:


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