24 comments on “Top Ten Most Expensive Yachts”

  1. Scot Langlais says:

    Enjoyable video. Just a few corrections (Some already mentioned):

    #1 Not what it was claimed to be
    #2 No actual photos of Eclipse
    #3 A fantasy, and if it were built, would be well over 1.1 billion
    #4 The first yacht seen is Tatoosh
    #5 That pool is not on A. It is just a concept
    #7 Should have included Pelorus as they are sisters
    #10 Second photo of Al Salamah belongs to a MUCH smaller yahct (~20-25 meters)

  2. Noah Vasquez says:

    #1 looks B.A. like a speedboat yacht hybrid
    #3 … thats a damn resort on a boat, I mean look at it! it’s got 2 mini(?) yachts on it, a speedboat on the side, a heli, a castle and other buildings, 4 pools, roads and parking spots WTF!

  3. ladyeroine says:

    The first boat displayed is Alfa Nero not Seven Seas, at #2 the boat in the picture is definitely Eclipse and I believe Streets of Monaco I still only a project and it will remain one.

  4. Johnny Rei says:

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  5. bakor wonder says:


  6. namsotics says:

    my dream is to own a yacht and not just a yacht i mean ones like this but not like the history supreme where its just gold and that although he cant really loose anything since gold is always increasing in price but mine will be like the streets of monaco beauty inside out

  7. Andrew Brewer says:

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  8. SamOscarz21 says:

    I have also made a video about this. Check it out.

  9. AByachtcharters Mallorca says:

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  10. Puzzoozoo says:

    Dam No 1 was supposed to be a surprise Christmas present to me.

  11. YachtMag01 says:

    Great video! Thank you very much!

  12. joseph michael says:

    i will take 20 of each

  13. Romel J says:

    Only 792 views?

  14. vanniz82 says:

    some photos are wrong

  15. kaptenknullbox says:

    top ten mos expensive piersing

  16. Christian66991 says:


  17. The2ndUsername says:


  18. Jordynn Maylynn Mcdaid says:

    Do top 10 most expensive shoes.

  19. maximoadventures says:

    Number 6

  20. The2ndUsername says:

    streets of Monaco= the most luxurious thing in the planet

  21. TopTenOnEverything says:

    ahaha that video might happen lol

  22. Mike Poptart says:

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  23. freedomnowmedical says:

    Scribblenauts music XD

  24. BillzzHD says:


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