25 comments on “The launch of the 180m Lürssen superyacht Azzam – The World’s Largest Yacht”

  1. Tom24451 says:

    Ther is only one impotant thing missing onboard…ME!!!!

  2. Кира Муратова says:

    Отпадные новинки, “Поймай толстуху, если сможешь (2013)” “Гадкий я 2 (2013)” “Транс (2013)” и многое другое – vkinobaze.ru

  3. mileyondisney says:

    I fart in that yacht’s general direction. Find that on your doppler radar.

  4. Suiramlp says:

    i saw the yacht a few days ago…its not very beautiful but very spectacular

  5. Aaron Nielsen says:

    very nice ! look forward to seeing the next largest yacht. Im sure its in the works somewhere !

  6. Kevin Yeoh says:

     Al-Waleed bin Talal

  7. 123789s1 says:

    Just imagine, four years it took for this day to come, poor guy had to embarrass himself riding around in some dinghy…

  8. tonytm222 says:


  9. Isaac Tamey says:


  10. Filippos Dimoulas says:


  11. dimitris255 says:

    πειναμε εε;

  12. Michael Keehn says:

    I guess corruption does pay off in the short run.

    Who do you think buys this type of stuff and where do they get there money.

    I smell a rat with a floating nest.

  13. Karlo13371 says:

    Actually abramovich has 4 mega yachts Lol.

  14. UnitedRaptor22 says:

    U.S soldiers don’t get paid at all unless they been enlisted for a few years. O_O

  15. UnitedRaptor22 says:

    well said, lol!

  16. Bullerias says:

    If you’re going to build the world’s largest yacht at least make it beautiful. This is not beautiful, it’s almost cookie-cutter design

  17. Boli420 says:

    Fortunately, wealth isn’t gained by simply “working hard”, otherwise we’d all be out in the backyard breaking rocks with a sledgehammer and raking in the cash… It’s gained by providing something of value to people who are willing to pay for it.

  18. Boli420 says:

    Not one single segment of the vid was repeated. Sober up and watch it again.

  19. brian poole says:

    FYI, these owners didnt work hard for their money..Just because your born in a oil rich country doesnt mean you worked hard for your money. and its amazing how the people in the former Soviet Union still have to wait months for shoes and wait in line for food and the the soldiers havent been paid for months at a time, but Abramovich can afford not one but two mega yachts. yea what a country..

  20. UnitedRaptor22 says:

    The owners worked hard for their money and they should use it for whatever they want

  21. Beffa de boffer says:

    discusting, children are starving in Afrika, better spend your money there. It will get you closer to the Allmighty

  22. Liam Bear says:

    Exactly. My point.

  23. RoLik JasS says:

    пожалуйста, не покупайте такие яъты, лучше дайте денег нищим и бомжам…они тоже люди….они не виноваты что у них такая жизнь….если поможете одному, один человек будет молиться за вас…. это жизнь….рано или поздно все умрут…. умрем как люди с душой ангела…

  24. Alan Khaw says:

    I think the eclipse is much more beautiful

  25. shaneo33t says:

    The bow looks to long in my own opinion. And I wonder what abromovich will do

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