25 comments on “Perini Navi P2 Supersail Yacht”

  1. 동현 김 says:


  2. ceounicom says:

    yes…. sailing genius here seems to think a 59ton Wally is the same as a 155ton Perini… without a self-tacking jib…. Seems legit!

  3. ceounicom says:

    Yet it took 6+ people just to tack the boat.

  4. iappsdev says:

    Just take a look on video on youtube Atlantic crossing on Wally 100 Indio with VOR-sailors

  5. iappsdev says:

    Dude, you have no idea what you are talking about, you are talking about what was 30 years ago, now Gennaker getting out automatically and fold down as well. Just take a look on some Wally yachts.

  6. iappsdev says:

    Yes, I raced on Open 60 alone.

  7. ceounicom says:

    “4 hands” couldn’t even get the spinnaker out of the locker, much less deploy it. The thing is freaking *8600*+ sq ft.

    Oh, but maybe you plan to never sail downwind.

  8. ceounicom says:

    Apparently you didn’t notice that it took 6 people just to tack the boat @1:13-fwd. Seven if you count the guy helping with the sheets.

    Seriously. Have you ever even sailed on a boat bigger than 50ft?

  9. Archibald Tuttle says:

    I’ts the tender to my yacht….kidding

  10. iappsdev says:

    Dude, you could handle this boat with 4 hands. It was not a crew at the helm but some people on the board, at the helm there was a one dude.

  11. 2Phast4Rocket says:

    Apparently you fail to notice the full crew at the helm.

  12. iappsdev says:

    you kidding, 2 people could sail this sail boat, there is everywhere hydraulics, auto pilots, thruster and so on.

  13. 2Phast4Rocket says:

    This is a bitch to sail. You need a full America Cup crew just to sail this beast.

  14. doomakiv says:

    how much? wath price for this yacht???

  15. fendertelecaster8225 says:

    I thought it was a pretty good joke

  16. 16047827 says:


  17. russellc42 says:

    I saw this boat moored in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at the end of August, 2012. It was absolutely stunning. Everything on deck was perfect. The winches and shackles were works of art. Such a beautiful line to her. Quite amazing.

  18. james heaslip says:

    lol i wonder why!!

  19. fendertelecaster8225 says:

    it depends on where “around here” is.

  20. ksweens01 says:

    You’re not from around here, are you?

  21. Brian Vest says:

    Dig that funky beat!!!

  22. fendertelecaster8225 says:

    why is the boat leaning to one side?

  23. Sam Evans says:

    Pretty sweet, not as sharp as a classic Herreshoff J-class, IMO.

  24. istanbultravellers says:

    a dream.!

  25. alphasxsignal says:

    Why keep making big. When is big enough?

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