10 comments on “Inside the 4 most beautiful Yachts”

  1. cunardliner32 says:

    “Maria Lando” by Susana Baca

  2. kevin lila says:

    whos the name of this song ??? please

  3. Marco SB says:

    aaah so much better…

  4. adk9613 says:


  5. Marie Nahmad says:

    eclipse  ….helooooo

  6. Selkie52 says:

    There’s nothing beautiful about them! They’re big, ugly pieces of aluminum and plastic that are WAYYYY… over priced! They remind me of driving down a street and seeing the same “lines” of car over and over again. There’s nothing special, inside nor out of these cookie cutter toys. Delphine, Savarona, Thea Foss and Sequoia are TRUE special and beautiful yachts!

  7. RossijaNeverSleeps says:

    Serene,Pelorus and Palladium are all RUSSIAN YACHTS !!

  8. betterrobots says:

    why aren’t there any sails D: 😛

  9. VIPrtn says:


    For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. Trust JESUS CHRIST and He will save you – Call Him and He will give you everything you need

  10. Aristoteles Onassis says:

    Why isn`t there Christina O ?

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