25 comments on “FreeStyle Cruiser Inflatable Water Slide for Yachts Video”

  1. joshdepmode1 says:

    nice yacht but mine is bigger …

  2. desiree rivera says:

    That’s in the middle of no were what if u get eating by a shark lol

  3. Biagio Vairo says:

    bellissimoooooooo adrenalina al massimo

  4. Blake Peterson says:

    i want to go on that with u guys looks fun.

  5. georges jc says:

    oh yes, this the happy slide

  6. lottroden says:


  7. CRFbadass says:

    how to type comment

  8. LAREXJR says:

    must be nice…

  9. DontMessWithToxins says:


  10. myfz6 says:

    What is the Name of this Yacht and what are the specs and the kind please

  11. antigravity27 says:

    break science “light speed transit”

  12. antigravity27 says:


  13. sh09un1 says:

    if having a mega yacht wasnt ballin enough, you put a waterslide on it…

  14. Nimitzclass100 says:

    Not convinced of buying a megayacht yet? XD

  15. Oligarchy says:

    They won’t say, some intellectual property rule… I offered to pay for a copy of the song, they told me to go buy their slide.

  16. Raad123Eens says:

    i’m going to buy it..oh wait.. i don’t have a yacht

  17. Macinstaller says:

    What’s the song’s name ?

  18. O Lindo says:

    Yacht Maker?

  19. Oligarchy says:

    SONG NAME>!>!>!>!>!>>!>!?!?!?!?

  20. WatchSebastianAct says:

    A little risk of shark bite is MORE than worth it for the amount of trim you can get with this. “Hey, wana clear your schedule this weekend and come on my yacht and slide down a huge ramp into the ocean, ride jet skis, drink champagne and listen to music?” Whatever woman says no, guaranteed DIKE.

  21. Lajenny6868 says:


  22. Ryan4321 says:

    after watching shark week I WOULD NEVER, EVER do this… but it does look like a lot of fun

  23. Oligarchy says:

    Everything near you can kill you… I’m in Canada on the east coast and we get maybe one shark sighting a year if any.

  24. Oligarchy says:

    song name?

  25. WiseGuy02 says:

    What waters aren’t? Most tropical places you’d want to moor your yacht and use the slide would have sharks. Then again I’m in Australia, there are sharks everywhere here. Ocean = sharks as far as I’m concerned!

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