A Guide To The Upcoming Yachting Festival

Yacht spotting has quite a dangerous effect on the various people. Mostly this results out into a jaw dropping reaction as its beauty always keeps you awestruck. This will be the reaction of many as the world’s most awaited event of yacht festival is ready to begin in Cannes. It is one of the most beautiful event where one can spot all the beautiful yacht anchored at the. Usually this festival takes place at the Port Hercule. It is nothing but about 35 miles away from Cote d’Azur where this splendid Cannes Yachting festival will be taking place.

This year it will be the 37th edition of the festival where world’s top yacht will be docked for the people to see. This year the number of boats taking part in the festival can be counted to be 580 in number. This number of boats counts up to almost more than a quarter of the premiere boats of the world. The yachting festival has the tendency to awestruck everyone when it comes to the beauty of the boats.

Apart from this there will surely be some the most outstanding ones which will be at display. The best among them will surely be the Seaway Yacht’s Shipman 59. It is an undoubtedly the most beautiful boat that one will ever see. It is a 62 feet carbon yacht which is considered to be unsinkable because of the technology used to build it. Apart from this the biggest yacht of the festival will be the four cabin boat Silent 76. It is a 76 23m/76 feet boat which will be the biggest of the festival.

In the festival you will also be able to see some motor boats and super yachts that will blow your mind. The one destination in September for all the boat lovers should be Cannes Yacht festival.