Murray To Become The CEO Of Team Australia

The Auld Mug or America’s Cup is presented to the champion of the match races that take place between 2 sailing yachts. One yacht represents the current winners of the Auld Mug and that yacht is called the defender. On the other hand, the 2nd yacht represents those who want to challenge the current winners of the Auld Mug and that yacht is called the challenger. The sailing races are actually held between two yacht clubs.

The most recent winners of the America’s Cup are USA’s Team Oracle which represents the defending club Golden Gate Yacht Club. Just after Team Oracle won the 34th edition of America’s Cup, Team Australia became the challengers for the 35th edition of America’s Cup. The challenge was filed by Bob Oatley as a representative of Hamilton Island Yacht Club.

Recently it has been declared that Iain Murray is going to become the CEO of Team Australia. This decision has been taken keeping in mind the challenge that Hamilton Island Yacht Club has put forward against Golden Gate Yacht Club.

Bob Oatley said that Murray is the ideal choice for the CEO because he has participated in the America’s Cup for about three times. He has proven to be a beloved friend and consummate professional. The club is extremely delighted to officially announce that Murray is going to lead Team Australia in the America’s Cup challenge, added Oatley.

Iain Murray said that when he was given the offer of becoming the CEO of Team Australia, it was obvious that he was going to say yes to that offer.

In the 34th edition of America’s Cup, Murray was the Regatta Director. But in the upcoming America’s Cup, Murray is the head who has the responsibility to build a strong Australian Team and negotiate the rules and regulations of the regatta with the Oracle Team USA.