Most yachts might pass over Maryland waters without a bay pilot

Very soon, the Maryland waters might see more large yachts under a brand new law passed in Annapolis which is anticipated to be a real boon for the marinas and tourist destinations of the state. This law lets for pleasure boats up to two hundred feet long to sail state waters without an accredited bay pilot. Earlier, the law needed vessels longer than seventy nine feet to hire a pilot.

Believes as an emergency legislation, the new law was signed by Gov. Larry Hogan earlier o Tuesday and it took effect from Wednesday, in time for boating season, said the advocates. Its passage was received well by marina operators from Baltimore and Annapolis, who expect to see more yachts owned as well as chartered by well-heeled make their way into Chesapeake Bay.

Baltimore Marine Centers Jessie Bowling, which deals with 5 marinas in the harbor, told that these vessels spend tens of thousands of dollars alone on one fuel bill, plus money on provisioning, local entertainment, tourism and repairs.

On East Coast circuit, yachts generally summer in New York in Newport, R.I., as well as New England and winter in Florida or Caribbean Sea. They pass through between the 2 regions in the spring and in fall, often barring on the way for repairs and fuel.

Dockmaster Steve Grace told that few of them purposely bypass them because of that fact that they have to put pilots on. They tell him that they would prefer to come up that way, but they are going to go outside.