Bolling Plans Round-Trip

Bolling has always been vocal about his comfort quotient with water than land. The leading sailor is now all set to sail on for a round trip across the Lankan country in a non-motor sail boat.

However, Jeremy won’t be alone in his 14 ft sail boat on the expedition. In fact, he would be accompanied by a considerable rotating crew that would be spearheaded by the seasoned sailor only. Bolling’s boat for the Lanka expedition has been aptly named as “Sail Sri Lanka”. The Lanka expedition is something that hasn’t been attempted by the sailor earlier would, quite literally, send him to unchartered waters.

The expedition would start on February 19, 2014.

It would undoubtedly land him amidst varied mental and physical obstacles, of which one of the most crucial is that he would have to stay away on ocean for 7 weeks.

“It’s a dream of lifetime for me & I was at last able to pass through it given the peace it has dawned on me. It would be the 1st time that anybody would be sailing around Lanka in non-motor boat. Thus, it’s real challenge”, said Bolling while asked to speak a few words about his upcoming expedition.

“We’ve to attempt & manage the 2 monsoon conditions to northeast and southwest. At present, it’s the time fort northeast monsoon that ensures a clam west coast. Thus, we are looking forward to start in February & get right to Kankasanthurai”, added in Jeremy. “Then, we would wait till eastern coast settles down & sail along it. When the southern part of the Indian Ocean seems relaxed, there’s a 2-week opportunity that we are trying to capitalize to return to Galle, within April 6.”

In short, Jeremy would be logging around twenty nautical miles per day.