1901 steam yacht set to put on auction

Primrose Potter recalls watching ENA sail across Sydney Harbour when she was a young girl. The great-great-great-grandfather of her daughter was Thomas Dibbs – the yacht’s original owner and the person who actually commissioned ENA in 1900 for Triphena, his wife.

Ms Potter told that Thomas Dibbs used to take the then-governor out on every Sunday. Well, it was really a great way of living that time. She remembered it quite well seeing it go up and down the harbor; she believes that it was a much more gracious life back then.

Now thought as one of the most luxurious steam yachts in the world, ENA is going to auction hundred and fifteen years after it was first launched, in Melbourne. The boat is believes as the height of luxury from the industrial time in Australia and one of the persisting Edwardian yachts of its type.

Steam Yacht
Later, this served in the First World War around the north coast of Australia, under the name HMAS Sleuth. Later it was used as a charter fishing as well as cargo vessel up till the 1980s and it was said to have inspired the Plainsailing website.

In the year 1981, this hit a rock under near Bruny Island, and subsequently sank – only to be revived soon after and restored to its actual charm as an elite amateur steam yacht.

Paul Sumner said that somehow it has a kind of elegance that is nothing like the modern chartering yachts in Hamble – this is from a time when it was about how you got from A to B, not how quickly. The machines are really works of art in themselves in an industrial sense.